Former Kebun Baru Primary School Site in Ang Mo Kio to Welcome High-Rise Housing

Transformation on the Horizon: Former Kebun Baru Primary School Site in Ang Mo Kio to Welcome High-Rise Housing

The former Kebun Baru Primary School site in Ang Mo Kio is poised for a significant transformation as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) proposes amendments to its masterplan to pave the way for high-rise residential developments. The strategic location, just 1km from Mayflower MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, makes this site an attractive prospect for homebuyers.

Key Points:

  1. URA’s Proposed Amendment:
    • The URA’s proposed amendment, published on Jan 19, aims to facilitate future “high-density residential developments” on the land parcels in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2.
  2. Former Kebun Baru Primary School Site:
    • The 1.82ha site, equivalent to 2½ football fields, is strategically located and sits within proximity to Mayflower MRT station and CHIJ St Nicholas Girl’s School.
  3. Proposed Changes:
    • The proposed changes include re-zoning the site from educational institution and open space to residential and road use.
  4. Historical Background:
    • Established in 1985, Kebun Baru Primary School occupied the site until its merger with Ang Mo Kio Primary in January 2002.
    • The site served as a holding location for several schools undergoing upgrades from 2010 to 2022.
  5. Demolition Work:
    • Demolition work on the former school building commenced in the third quarter of 2023, as per a Housing Board circular.
  6. Appeal for Homebuyers:
  7. Housing Possibilities:
    • The site could accommodate approximately 750 condominium units or 500 to 550 HDB flats, catering to the diverse housing needs in the area.
    • If an HDB project materializes, it might fall under the Plus flat model, given its accessibility to the Mayflower MRT station.
  8. Condominium Project Projection:
    • Chief Research Officer Nicholas Mak from suggests that a 99-year leasehold condominium project with around 750 units is likely, considering the site’s size.
  9. Limited Housing Supply in Ang Mo Kio:
    • Ang Mo Kio, a sought-after estate, has limited new housing supply, making this development an appealing addition to the local property landscape.
  10. Similar Developments:
  • This initiative aligns with the broader trend, as the former Guangyang Primary School site in Bishan Street 12 was also proposed for rezoning to a residential site in December 2023.

As the former Kebun Baru Primary School site undergoes this transformation, it emerges as a promising location for high-rise housing, contributing to the dynamic evolution of Ang Mo Kio’s real estate market.

The Straits Times

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