Benefits of Thomson-East Coast Line

The Impact of New MRT Stations on Singapore’s Property Market

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, the age-old adage “location, location, location” takes on new significance, especially with the advent of MRT expansions

A recent study by researchers at the National University of Singapore sheds light on the impact of new urban rail lines on the value of residential properties, emphasizing the pivotal role of transportation nodes in determining property values. As Singapore expands its rail network, particularly with the upcoming completion of the Thomson-East Coast Line, various property segments are poised to benefit from increased accessibility.

Lentor Collection, Lentoria, and Lentor Mansion are poised to reap the benefits of Singapore’s growing rail network, specifically the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line. Let’s explore the potential beneficiaries and key insights. 


Studying the Circle Line Effect

    As the Thomson-East Coast Line unfolds in stages from 2019 to 2024, private residential properties near the proposed MRT stops are set to experience a surge in value. Lentor Collection, situated in the proximity of this new line, is expected to benefit from increased accessibility to town centers, shopping, and leisure amenities.


    Thomson-East Coast MRT Line Anticipation


    River Valley and East Coast Line Influence

    The addition of a station at Great World City is anticipated to heighten demand for private developments in River Valley. Expatriates, drawn to the vibrant nightlife and proximity to established schools, are likely to contribute to increased rental demand. The upcoming MRT station is expected to alleviate pressures on the leasing market in this sought-after area.


    Impact on Rental Demand


    Potential Flattening of Price Gradients

    As the new MRT stations come online, the price and rent gradients from the CBD to the outskirts are likely to flatten. Homebuyers and renters will have more options, especially in areas like River Valley and districts 15 and 16, where the appeal is already strong.


    Considerations for Future Developments

    Private developments along the East Coast line, from Tanjong Rhu to Siglap Centre, have always garnered interest. With improved accessibility through the Thomson-East Coast Line, these districts are poised to attract more attention from the international community, enhancing their appeal to expatriates and overseas visitors.


    Attractions along the Thomson-East Coast Line:

    As Singapore continues to invest in its transportation infrastructure, the real estate market is poised for changes. Property values, rental demand, and buyer preferences are expected to evolve, with accessibility becoming a key driver in property selection. The unveiling of the Thomson-East Coast Line represents a significant milestone in reshaping the real estate landscape and unlocking the potential value of properties near these strategic transport nodes.

    Lentor Collection, Lentoria, and Lentor Mansion stand to benefit from Singapore’s expanding MRT network. As connectivity improves, these properties become not just residences but valuable investments in prime locations.

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